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We Livestream our services each week. If this is of concern to you, please speak to one of our Welcome Team who can show you to a safe area.


We take seriously our responsibility to keep children, young people and vulnerable adults safe from harm. As a church, we are part of the Elim movement and subscribe to Elim’s commitment to safeguarding:


“ Elim is committed to creating healthy churches and safe spaces for all. We recognise the ways in which children and adults can be at risk of harm or abuse, so endeavour to create a culture to minimise opportunities for abuse to occur.
Children rely on adults to keep them safe, therefore all our churches working with children, either directly or indirectly, are committed to safeguarding children in their care. We seek to do this by providing a safe, stable, and nurturing environment where children can reach their full potential.
Similarly, within our churches there are adults in need of protection, care and support due to vulnerability, whether that is a permanent or temporary state. We are aware too that within our churches there are relationships of trust, which flourish best within healthy churches and environments, where there is openness, transparency and accountability.
We firmly believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and all involved in the life of our churches and activities have a role to play in keeping children, young people and adults safe.”
Mark Pugh - General Superintendent


Please click on this link to view our up to date safeguarding policy, which outlines how we endeavour to create a safer culture within our church.

Who to contact

Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator: Joan Bates

Safegaurding Coordinator; Annemarie WAlton

If you wish to contact Joan or Annemarie to raise a concern or seek advice, you can do so at: 


01782 279092

 If you wish to raise a concern regarding safeguarding within the Elim organisation, or wish to escalate your concerns directly to Elim’s National Safeguarding Team, this online referral form can be used. Hanley Elim Church will not receive a copy of this form, but it will instead be sent directly to Elim’s National Safeguarding Team. 

This online referral form has been developed to support local churches and Elim’s national safeguarding team to ensure robust record-keeping for all safeguarding matters. Anyone is able to raise a safeguarding concern via this form.

Copies of the form are automatically sent to the National Safeguarding Team and the referrer. The National Safeguarding Team follow up any referrals received

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